2016 Country Road 5K

To Hubbardston we go again for a hot and sticky night!

Courtesy of Jim Fay Gottarun Photography

Lynn Woods 5.5 Mile Trail Race

Each year- NMC used to have their own Club Race on a Tuesday night. This year we decided to take that week and run the race as a part of their Wednesday weekly series of races. Tackling the rush hour traffic on 495/93 and 128 we finally made it-

2016 Burbank 5 Mile Trail Race

Burbank 5 Mile Trail Photos-
Courtesy of Sue Collura


Hilltop 5K

Group Photo of all the Hilltop 5K Runners 7/5/16
Photo's courtesy of Jim Fay - Gottarun Photography

More Photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/ee6zUGacrbsQ19N17

Pictures from Shamrocks on the Rocks 5K

Thank You to Michelle Haggstrom for the pics!

Photo Links Are Not Working - Temporary Work Around


As some of you may know- Picasa(by Google) has been taken down as a product and service. All of the photos that we have links to go to either my Picasa site or Paul McDermotts.

The good news is that none of the information has been lost- as Google has taken everyones photos from Picasa and they are now accessible using Photos on your Android phone, or our Google Plus Accounts.

We will need to rebuild all of the links for these by directory- as all paths leading them on Google servers have been changed.
For the time being- you can access our top level home directories- and folders are there for many events. You are still able to download these photos- although I believe its 1 at a time.


Race Series Standings

The Winter Series Race Standings will be posted on a regular basis.
Where to find them:
On the left hand side of the webpage you will see the Menu. Click on Results. You will see a submenu appear. Now click on Summer & Winter Series Standings. You will see the current standings for the men and women at the top of the list. It is just raw data now, but I will make it prettier in the future.

4th Annual Shamrocks On The Rock 5k 3/13/16

96 Lakefront Street, Lunenburg, MA
March 13th, 2016-Run 1:00 P.M/ Walk is at 12:15 P.M.
Entry Fee: $15(Until 3/5/16)
Entry Fee: $20(3/6/16 and Same Day)
1st 250 entrants to receive Custom Fleece Running Beanie
1st 50 entrants will also receive running gloves or Headband

  • 2016 Shamrock 5k App  (.pdf)
  • Pictures From Blackstone Tap Race

    Pictures for 1/10/16 Blackstone Tap Race
    Results link will be posted shortly.
    2016 Blackstone Tap Run 3.4mi

    Boston Waiver Recipients

    This year the North Medford Running Club received 5 Boston Marathon waivers. These waivers were given out at the annual meeting held at the Knights of Columbus on January 3. The recipients were:
    • Joe DiMucci
    • Sue Collura
    • Don Anair
    • Judy Jollimore
    • Robert Wirtanen
    Congratulations! May your training and race go well.
    I also want to give Tricia Gabor a special thank you with her gracious help.

    - Denise

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