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As some of you may know- Picasa(by Google) has been taken down as a product and service. All of the photos that we have links to go to either my Picasa site or Paul McDermotts.

The good news is that none of the information has been lost- as Google has taken everyones photos from Picasa and they are now accessible using Photos on your Android phone, or our Google Plus Accounts.

We will need to rebuild all of the links for these by directory- as all paths leading them on Google servers have been changed.
For the time being- you can access our top level home directories- and folders are there for many events. You are still able to download these photos- although I believe its 1 at a time.

Race Series Standings

The Winter Series Race Standings will be posted on a regular basis.
Where to find them:
On the left hand side of the webpage you will see the Menu. Click on Results. You will see a submenu appear. Now click on Summer & Winter Series Standings. You will see the current standings for the men and women at the top of the list. It is just raw data now, but I will make it prettier in the future.

4th Annual Shamrocks On The Rock 5k 3/13/16

96 Lakefront Street, Lunenburg, MA
March 13th, 2016-Run 1:00 P.M/ Walk is at 12:15 P.M.
Entry Fee: $15(Until 3/5/16)
Entry Fee: $20(3/6/16 and Same Day)
1st 250 entrants to receive Custom Fleece Running Beanie
1st 50 entrants will also receive running gloves or Headband

  • 2016 Shamrock 5k App  (.pdf)
  • Pictures From Blackstone Tap Race

    Pictures for 1/10/16 Blackstone Tap Race
    Results link will be posted shortly.
    2016 Blackstone Tap Run 3.4mi

    Boston Waiver Recipients

    This year the North Medford Running Club received 5 Boston Marathon waivers. These waivers were given out at the annual meeting held at the Knights of Columbus on January 3. The recipients were:
    • Joe DiMucci
    • Sue Collura
    • Don Anair
    • Judy Jollimore
    • Robert Wirtanen
    Congratulations! May your training and race go well.
    I also want to give Tricia Gabor a special thank you with her gracious help.

    - Denise

    Winds of Change...

    Greetings Folks-
    As a result of the recent Election of Officers and Board of Directors- held 1/3/2016- I'd like to announce the following:

    President: Sarah Dennechuk Leguelaff
    V. President: Mark Fontaine
    Treasurer: Marge Gladwin
    Secretary: Gail Dwyer
    Membership: Deb Fontaine
    Web Site Dir: Grant Maloney

    Honorary Board of Director: Rene Lavoie

    Board of Directors:
    Charlie Herbert
    Jeff Gould
    Joe DiMucci
    Tricia Gabor Therrien
    Darlene Hoover
    Ken Parker
    Mike O'Hara
    Denise Lawson
    Chris Reid
    Sue Collura

    Congratulations to all!!!
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank those moving on for their collective years of service to the Club.
    Past Newsletter Editor: Donna Leblanc
    Past Board Member: Gary Savoie

    We have a committee in place looking at how to have a more efficient delivery of timely news, as the Newsletter lent itself to older news. To enable more graphics and photos to be placed on the website- we would need to look at beefing up our Internet Package from our provider as well. We are also looking into a different Facebook page for content.

    I have enjoyed the past 6 years as Website Manager- and at this time I'd like to transition over the site to Grant Maloney, with Denise Lawson assisting.

    I'd like to welcome Sue Collura to the Board of Directors, Grant Maloney to Web Site Manager, and last, but not least congratulate Sarah in her new role as Club President!

    I would also like to thank Mark Fontaine for his leadership over the past 2 years. The Club has in fact grown in Membership durng this time.


    Keep These Dates Open!!! Christmas Party and Jingle Bell Run

    Saturday December 19th- Annual NMC Christmas Party
    Sunday December 20th- NMC Jingle Bell Fun Run

    More information is in the Newsletter-

    Late Fall Newsletter

    Greetings All-
    The latest Newsletter has been posted to the Website, giving you the latest and greatest with North Medford Club.

    This will be the last Newsletter in its current form. There is a committee working to find a medium to bring news to light quicker- so that it is current when being read.

    This could involve more usage of a Facebook Page, or a Twitter feed, or an increased presence of current news to the Website.

    A HUGE Thank You to Donna LeBlanc and her band of contributors and support staff over the last 6 years. You done well!

  • Fall 2015 Newsletter
  • Voting for Officers and Board of Directors

    The Next two year term for Officers and Board members will take place Sunday January 3rd at our annual meeting- held immediately following the Bob Hersey Memorial 5 Mile Race from Fitchburg Knights of Columbus.

    If you are interested in any position- you are empowered and encouraged to step forward.

    The position of Club Webmaster is open.
    You should have a working knowledge of Linux and databases, as well as directory structures.

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