Burbank 5 Mile Update-

Folks- July the 17th is our 5 Mile Trail Run behind Burbank Hospital. Last year we had to re-route the course due to trail clearing by Fitchburg Water Dept.

This year the North County Land Trust is having the area behind Overlook Resv cleared, and there is currently a 6 foot high wall of trees blocking the course. We have been told it is off-limits for this year.

We have removed a rocky, rooty section from between miles 1 and 2, and added in a soft pine needle floor with a steep downhill section. Once you cross the Road and take the Junk Art Trail up to the resv- you will now take a right and go the other way around the resv. These changes now have the course at 5.5 Miles.

Volunteers are MORE than welcome(and needed). I will again have the trails marked with white flour and Orange/black cardboard.

Race starts at 6:30- just beyond the old Emergency room at Burbank Hospital.

Templeton 10K Race Update

By POPULAR demand- our Race host has added a 5K Race in addition to the 10K. We now have a choice

Templeton 5K and 10K
July 10th
111 Laurel View Rd
Templeton, MA

Races begin at 6:30 PM

Devens 5K Series

Well folks we just completed our second year having the Devens 5K Series. We gained a few new members, met some new faces who came down to run, and made some new friends. On top of that we were able to bring some cheap racing to the Nashoba Valley.

I would like to personally thank Kevin Fallon and Amy Paquette- for having the vision two years ago and carrying it forward. They had the contacts, were able to procure the necessary permits, and put it together.

By the same token- there would not be a race without runners, or without those who handled the weekly races. Thank You to all the runners and volunteers that made this happen.

Club Apparel with Logo's

Hi Folks

We are trying to guage interest in getting another order for NMC Club Jackets. They are Black with White on the sleeve, and Orange Club insignia over left Chest, and are half-zip. Our SELL price would be $40. You have seen club members wearing them, and there is a pic on the Rindge Road Runners showing many of them wearing them.

We would like to get at least 10 at a time.
Interested? You can send mail to your friendly neighborhood Webguy (me) webmaster@northmedfordclub.org or see or mail Deb Fonataine debfholiday@aol.com

If you have ideas for any other types of apparel PLEASE make the suggestion. I have a number of catalogues- that I can make sure are brought to the Devens Races and our Summer Series.


Rindge Road Runners go to Boston

Some of the Rindge Road Runners chillin at the waterfront after taking Craig and Julie into the Marathon Expo for their Bags.

Devens Series Races Will Continue Into June!!!

Hi Folks-

Our fine friends at CMS would like to keep the Devens Series races running through the month of June.

June 6th, June 13th, and June 27th will have races beginning at 6:30 rightwhere they are done now. Please note there will be NO Race on June the 20th.

Please support CMS for this series if you can.

Thank You

Devens Results Added

Devens results up to Week 5 have been added to the Results section.

Devens Race Series 5K-

Just a reminder to all- we have begun our Devens 5K Race series on Wednesday nights!!! Races begin on Buena Vista St- right in front of the
Vicksburg Square bldgs(the old Intelligence School) along the soccer fields. April time start is 6:15, and May races begin at 6:30.

2012 Devens 5K Series Week 1

Our 1st week had a great turnout. A squall line came through just prior to race start giving everyone an extra challenge dealing with the wind.

Big Thank You to Kevin and Amy for getting us started this year!!
Results have been posted under the results tab, and pictures have also been posted here:
2012 Devens 5K Series Wk 1

Lake Winnipesaukee Relay

The 2012 Winni Page is now live- there are no major changes as of this point. The on-line registration page at Active.com is up and live as well. Please click links just to the left

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