Devens 5K Wrap-up

All of the weekly results have now been posted in the results area.

The Devens Series was a success- as it gave the Club greater exposure to other Runners- and we welcomed some new members because of it.

A BIG hand to Kevin and Amy for following through and having the vision to get this started, and another BIG hand to the volunteers who took the race duties in the later weeks.

Another BIG round of thanks for the membership who actually got to run the series. See you NEXT Spring!!!

Marathon Monday

Congratulations to all NMC Runners for their finish of the Boston Marathon! Pictures were taken by Paul McDermott in the Newton Hills. If anyone has additional photos they would like to share- I can host them- just send mail to and we'll work on it.
We had our cheerleaders out in force- and also our Club Security staff was caught in line for the freebies on Boylston St!!!
115th Boston Marathon Photos
2011 Marathon Photos courtesy Paul McDermott

New NMC Race Series- April and May Devens 5K

NMC has a new 8 week spring 5K series in Devens on Wednesday nights in April and May, and we need your help. Details of the series can be found at: NMC has a new 8 week spring 5K series in Devens on Wednesday nights in April and May, and we need your help. Details of the series can be found at:

  • NMC Devens 5K Spring Race Series  (.pdf)
  • We are still looking for people to help out, especially in the opening weeks when people are most unfamiliar with the course and setup. If you are able to help any of the weeks or would like more information, please email Kevin or Amy.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Boston Marathon New Qualifying and Registration 2012 and Out

    I am sure that by now many of you have heard or read the latest release from the BAA. Due to their overwhelming sellout of the 2011 Marathon- in which many qualified runners were not able to register- the BAA has new guidelines for both qualifying and registration beginning with the 2012 Race.

    Please read and understand how this may or may not affect you. I'll list two sources- one from andf the other direct from the BAA.

    President's Award Winner

    Also handed out at our Annual Meeting was the 2011 winner of the President's Award.

    Recognized for all her work over the years as a member of the Lake Winni Relay committee, and as Membership Director was Darlene Hoover. She has had some of the more glamerous jobs such as calling and renting school buses, and porta-potties, and even having to attend Town Meetings for permits to put on the Winnipesaukee Relay.

    Congratulations Darlene!

    2011 Winter Series Opener & Annual Meeting

    The 2011 Winter Series opened with the running of the Bob Hersey Memorial 5 Miler. A great crowd was on hand for the Pot-Luck and the Meeting while 58 of you ran the 5 Mile course.

    Brian Allen was the winner for the men at 29:06, while Heidi Bixby Handy took it for the Women.

    Results Here:
    01/02/11 - Bob Hersey Memorial 4 Mile Road Race, Fitchburg, MA
    Pictures here:
    Bob Hersey Memorial 5 Mile

    During the Annual Meeting- Boston Waivers were awarded, and awards for the Club Grand Prix Series were handed out.

    Winter Series winners were:
    Charlie Salmond Men
    Heidi Bixby Handy Women

    Trail Series winners were
    Charlie Salmond
    Amy Paquette

    Summer Series winners were
    Charlie Salmond
    Heidi Bixby Handy

    Charlie Salmond was also presented a Club jacket as being the Club Ironman- running all 16 races of the Summer Series.

    2011 Boston Waivers Awarded

    As is customary at our Annual Club Meeting- Boston Marathon Waivers were awarded for 2011. North Medford Club was given 15 for the 2011 Event. Waivers are awarded within the Club to those who promote the sport within the Community and spirit within the Club.

    One of our criteria for awarding is Volunteer Points for each year. Volunteers are awarded Club points for working CLUB events such as the Summer-Series and Winter-Series races, Lake Winnipesaukee and Overlook Trail races.

    The following are awarded waivers:
    Tim Blouin
    Steve McAvoy
    Denise Lawson
    Kathy Cioffi
    Craig Reid
    Dan Flynn
    Mark Wiggler
    Anthony Cali
    Beth LeBlanc
    Scott Janssens
    Kristina Sands
    Kris Dorsey
    Nicole Julius
    Sandy Superchi
    Lorie Landry


    Assorted 2010 Photos Posted

    I have been late in getting these posted-
    Pictures posted of the Fred Brown Run 9/26, 4 C's Run Shirley, Ma 10/23/10, and a small amount of Mill Cities photos from Legs 4 and 5. Photos courtesy Marge Gladwin.

    2010 Fred Brown Run 7.75 Miles Rumney NH Sept. 26th 2010
    2010 Fred Brown Run

    4 C's 5.7 Mile Run Shirley, Ma
    Four C's 5.7 Mile Race Shirley, Ma 10/23/10

    Mile Cities Relay 2010-Marge Leg 4 and 5
    Mill Cities Photos Leg 4/5 Marge

    2011 Winter Race Series and NMC Christmas Party

    Winter Series 2011 Schedule is now posted

  • NMC 2011 Winter Race Series  (.pdf)
    Winter Series kicks off with our Bob Hersey Memorial Jan 2 out of the Fitchburg Knights of Columbus. We will also have our annual meeting and Pot-Luck Buffet

    North Medford Club Christmas Party!
    Break out the mistletoe, the lampshades, and your Christmas cheer... its time to party!
    The NMC Christmas Party will be held January 15th at the Knights of Columbus in Fitchburg- with music by 4 On The Floor, and buffet from Sean Patricks. Please see linked application form for more information and tickets!!!

  • NMC Christmas Party  (.pdf)


  • Slattery's Turkey Trot

    Congratulations to all who ran the 30th Annual Turkey Trot. We were blessed by another sunny day, and was not as cold as in the past.

    Thanks to Paul MacDermott- we now have a large number of photos for your viewing pleasure.
    30th Annual Slattery's Turkey Trot

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