Merrimac 7 Mile Handicap Race

23 Runners laced up for a refreshing night next to the Merrimac River in beautiful Merrimac Mass. Its always an enjoyable run along the river and the nice homes- with this year being extra quiet as part of the course(River Rd) was closed to traffic.

It was great to see Chet Fortier come down from the beach to lend a hand!

Chet Fortier and Paul


Julie and Royce

Temple 10K Wrap-up

A new race in this years circuit- we had great weather and a pool to cool down in after. This was one of those secret training runs that the Templeton boys had- and the Templeton boys had to show the Fitchburg boys they had hills as well!!! Many thanks to Jim Fay for the use of his spread.

Women were led by Heidi Bixby Handy from downtown Royalston, and Julie Monfreda of Gardner was close behind.

Men were led by Josh Curtis- who also gets the driving distance award, and Arthur Besse of Templeton 30 seconds after.

Jeff's latest Men from Maine joke!!!



Whats 3 plus 2 equal???

I love doing 10K's in the car!!!

2010 Summer Race Results- Final Two Series Races

Results were posted a few days ago for Log Cabin, Merrimac, and the Temple 10k.

There are two races left in the Summer Series: The South Hamilton Classic- which is a fantastic 5 Mile road and trail course beginning in Downtown Asbury Grove. This race is hosted by Roger Perham, and date is Saturday September 18th. Come do this as a tune-up for Winni- bring a lawn chair and enjoy a beautiful autumn morning during and after the race.

The final Summer Series race is Saturday October 23rd at the McGaw Estate on Chapel St Shirley. Fitting with the Halloween Theme- all must wear Black and Orange during the race. I did this race last year for the first time- and thoroughly enjoyed the course as well as apre-run festivities after.

NMC Summer Newsletter Now Available

Hot off the press, the NMC late summer newsletter is now available. Our editors have been working overtime for this!!


Race Results have been posted for Fresh Pond and for Lynn Woods. I have added pictures for both the Donnelly Tavern Race and the Lynn Woods Race.

Please join us next Tuesday the 10th for the inaugural Temple 10K hosted by Jim Fay. Race starts at 6:30, and directions are on Summer Series schedule. I hear there may be a re-match of the Fitchburg boys vs the Templeton boys!!!

Our Lynn Woods race went off without a hitch- it was so smooth even our Race Director John Robertson was able to do the race. 23 Started, 23 finished- and nobody left any skin or blood behind!!! Once you reached the top at the fire tower- you were rewarded with a nice view of the Boston Skyline!!!

Upcoming Summer Series Races...

Join NMC at Westford Academy in Westford Mass Thursday 7/15. Walkers start at 6:15 and Runners at 6:30. This is a 3.6 mile course- and is located off Patten Rd.

Next Tuesday the 20th we invade Donnelly's Tavern on Summer Street in Lunenburg for the Summer edition of them Lunenburg Hills(5 Miles worth)- it is a GREAT downhill finish!!!

Burbank 5 Mile Trail...

Twas a hot steamy night atop Nurse Hill!! The scent in the air was thick with a combination of much bug spray and the impending rain. The runners were coming- the runners were coming. The North Medford Running Club was coming to invade the Trails!

We all know Burbank is outpatient only now, and some say the woods have been haunted since! The Trails knew the runners were here- and it was their time.

One body went down 100 yards in, two more went down a half mile in...all told 15 went down at least once- and some multiple times. The blood, the sweat, the skin, and the tears that was left behind told the tale- the trails fought back! Was it the walking rocks, or was it the wandering trees? Was it the tall grass grabbing our ankles- or the linbs bending to slap us aside? Sounds like a pretty routine trail race to me.

I say Stay Tuned!!! There will be a rematch Sunday September the 12th starting from Saima Park at 10AM.

Results have been posted to the Results Page

A Huge thank you to all the volunteers... the Water stop boys, the 2 wheeled sweep team, the timers, the markers, and the heralded NMC Trail clearing crew.

Additional photos here- and courtesy Paul McDermott

Burbank 5 Mile Race 7/13/10

The next stop on the NMC Summer Series Tour is at Burbank Hospital!!! Go to top of hill and take right and pass the Emergency Room. Race will be in the old Helicopter Landing Pad beginning at 6:30.

Much of the technical stuff has been removed from the old 7 Mile course and condensed down. There are still some rocky stretches beginning at the 3/4 Mile, again up around the Overlook dam, and finally just after the 4 Mile mark.

It promises to be a hot one- bring plenty of Bug Juice- you WILL need it!!
Google Map of course!

Full Size- go here:

Congrats to the newest Number 1 Rat!!!

Congratulations to our own Jimmy Impescia on his performance over the last year running the Hockomock Rat Series. On June 27 up in Montpelier Vermont- Jim was crowned the #1 Rat for the 2009-2010(and final) Rat Series.

Photos- Courtesy of Paul McDermott

For those who don't know what this entails- it is a series of 20 mandatory races(including back to back Marathons)- and 5 to 7 Optional Races. Other NMC members who ran part or all of the series include-
Paul McDermott, Larry Morris, Bob Sullivan, Peter Orni, Ray Boutotte, Ted Ridout, Dan Dodson, Jeff Gould, Jim Gaffney, Jim Fay, and Jim McDermott.

Additional Photos here:

Summer Series Updates!!!

Attendance at the Summer Series continues to be strong- even in the heat we've had lately.

Many thanks to the Highland City Striders and Central Mass Striders for attending our Whitney 5K race in Hudson... 54 runners in a 98 degree night!!!

Our Ron and Tom Boone 10K had to be re-routed and shortened, when an accident on Clark St closed the road 10 minutes before the start of the race.

Results have been posted for Whitney 5K, Boone 4 Miler, and even the Phillipston Fire 5.5 Mile race held back in June

Pictures have been posted in Photos for 2010 Mt Washington, and the Boone race in Gardner.

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