Fresh Pond Race Officials Hamming it up

A recent Saturday has the folks who handle the Fresh Pond Races hamming it up for the camera in their new NMC Jackets-

Shown are: Phil Keeley, Diane McLaughlin, Joe MacDonald & Paul Schell

NMC Volunteers at Perkins School for the Blind

On May 15th- several members of the Rindge Road Runners volunteered for Race Day at Perkins School for the Blind in Newton. Eyesight challenged runners came from all over the country to participate. Volunteers acted as running "guides", timers, and markers.

Missing from photo is Paul McDermott

Spring 2010 Newsletter Now Available!!!

Hot off the press, the NMC late spring newsletter is now available. Another great job by the editors!!

Marathon Photos Added/ Recent Updates

Coutesy of Paul McDermott- pictures of the 2010 Boston Marathon have been posted to his PicasaWeb account. Link is under the Photos section- either Top Right Corner or on the left of Main Page.

I have also added a series of Announcements under Presidents Corner with Documents posted by Rene(El Prez). This is on the right hand side of the Web Page.

You will also notice on the Left side- our own Lake Winni Relay information page has been posted... en of September will be here before we know it- and its time to begin team planning process.

Our world famous Summer Series race schedule is also posted under Races. Link here:

  • NMC 2010 Summer Race Series (.pdf)
  • NMC Boston Marathon Runners

    A hearty Congratulations to those of you who ran Boston- I envy you all!!
    My humble apologies in advance to anyone I have missed. If you are not listed- please mail me at and I'll update.

    Kate Morin-------------- 1/2 way2:22:23)(waiver)
    Sarah Dennuchuk------5:00:54(waiver)
    Donna LeBlanc----------4:28:22(waiver)
    Dan Dodson-------------5:27:43
    Joe DiMucci---------------3:29:07
    Jim Fay--------------------3:33:28
    Josh Curtis---------------3:17:35
    Jon Miganowiz----------3:37:57(waiver)
    Steve McAvoy------------4:53:04(waiver)
    George Graves----------3:56:35
    David Audet--------------3:15:48
    Rick Hebert---------------3:35:05
    Mark Wigler--------------3:41:07
    Mike Menovich-----------3:32:58
    Ron Kmiec----------------4:07:13
    Amy Paquette-----------4:06:43
    Kathie Cioffi--------------5:31:54(waiver)
    Anthony Cali-------------4:30:08(waiver)
    Karen Gillespie----------4:13:48
    Rich St. Hillare-----------3:40:27
    Mike Auger---------------3:13:42
    Nicole Julius--------------4:04:55(waiver)
    Karma Pilon--------------3:36:19(waiver)
    Nathan Reynolds-------4:37:41(waiver)
    Heidi Caissie------------4:25:46(waiver)
    Gail Dwyer---------------4:25:45(waiver)
    Mike Brodeur------------4:16:04
    Steve Drouin------------3:58:23

    New Photos Added

    Yes- its a wee bit late- but as promised Photos have been added for Slattery's Turkey Trot 2009(Really), and the world famous NMC Christmas Party. PicasaWeb to the rescue!!!

    Links can be accessed from the Photos Link in upper right corner.


    Photos courtesy Paul McDermott

    Stu's 30K

    This past Sunday March 7 was the annual running of Stu's 30K- a challenging course around Wachusett Reservoir. Typically this race is either run is snow, ice, rain or whatever weather challenge is thrown- but this year was different- sunny and in the 50's

    Molly and I worked mile 12 where traffic comes back out onto Rt 70, and we had a great time cheering everyone on. Congratulations to all NMC'ers who ran this race.

    I took some pictures- and apologize in advance for those I was not able to either recognize or get in time.

    Link Here:

    Busy weekend for NMC Runners

    Congratulations to all who ran in the 3 races this past Sunday 2/28. We had a large number run in the Hyannis 10K and Half Marathon(and represented the club very well by placing). We had an even larger group attend the Jones 10 Miler in Amherst Mass. This kicked off the USATF Grand Prix series for 2010, and was also a stop for the Hockomock Rat Series.

    If that wasn't enough- we still had enough runners to have the Whitney Memorial 5K in Hudson.

    Bev and Ed Whitney Memorial 5K Hudson

    Our Winter Race Series concluded today at Finnegans Pub in Hudson. Our hosts were gracious, the company was fantastic, the Wings were great, and the Beer was cold!

    The course was run on a new course this time around, and the Mens winner was Louis Cote of Worcester with a time of 16:47, and the first woman was 15 yr old Madeline Moison with a time of 23:04

    Pictures can be found here-

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