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I have recently sent out a Group message to all regarding the Devens Series Races.
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The Group email database is something that is hidden from everyone else, and is not kept on the Website. Its content is only as good as what we have for email addresses. I have had a few email "bounces".

The purpose of Group Emails are to update all for something that is timely, or important to some in the club, and cannot wait for the next Newsletter Update.

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Devens Spring Series 2015 ***Begins 4/1/2015

Alright- enough of the Snow!!! Time for some Devens Race Action!!!
For 9 Wednesday nights in April and May, The North Medford Club will host its annual Spring Devens 5K Series. It will also include a 1 Mile as well.
The April Races will begin at 6:15, and the May races will begin at 6:30.
Cost is $2.00 for Club Members, and $4.00 for non-members.
Race signup(weekly) will be at Buena Vista Street #55 in the parking lot across from Rogers Field.
Please- no dogs or pets allowed on the course.
Come join us beginning April 1st!!!
See the attached Flyer

  • NMC 2015 Devens Race Series  (.pdf)
  • New Pictures Posted

    So this has been the winter of Race Cancellations!!! Just to prove there are people outside running- I present to you the following Pictures:

    2015 NMC Boston Marathon Warmup
    Courtesy Jim Fay

    2015 Merrimac 7 Miler
    Courtesy Marge Gladwin

    ATTN Boston Marathon Runners

    Those of you who are running the Boston Marathon next month- we need to capture your information for Team Standings. Jim Fay has been doing this the last few years, and will submit this to the BAA.

    Please forward to Jim at gottarun449@live.com
    Please include Name, Age, City, State, and BIB #

    Thank You

    Mt Washington Road Race - 2015 Edition **Lottery is Open**

  • Mt Washington Road Race Waiver Info  (.pdf)
    For those new to this- The Mt Washington Road Race is an almost 8 Mile Road Race up to the summit of Mt Washington- it is only ONE Hill! There is a lottery to enter. If you are NOT selected into the lottery- Waivers are available to get in by providing a Volunteer for that Day at the race.
  • Templeton Snowshoe Race Cancelled!!!

    The Templeton Snowshoe Race that has been rescheduled to this Saturday 2/28 has been cancelled. YES- there is plenty of snow- but its in the wrong places! The road going into the Fernald School is extremely narrow, and there is no parking available at the Farmstand

    Spring WILL Come!!!

    OK- so WHO is ready for Spring?
    The brutal cold morning runs, competing for space with cars and plows, slipping on the snow and ice- it just hasn't been easy. To top it off- you train and races are postponed or even cancelled!

    The 8 feet tall snow banks WILL melt, and slowly but surely the brown and white snow will give way to brown and maybe green grass!

    We have the solution to the winter doldrums- March 15th we have our Shamrocks On The Rocks 5K race from On The Rocks Pub on the Lake Whalom lakefront. Spring officially begins 5 days after that.

    It is also time for our annual Devens Series of Races on Wednesday nights in April and May. We should have additional information soon as to time and dates.

    Till then- Happy Dreadmill!!!

    Donnelly's Tavern Cancelled!

    Due to LACK of Pavement- we are forced to cancel Donnelly's Tavern for the 2015 Winter Series.

    This Weekend Races Postponed (2/14 and 2/15)

    Snowshoe Race scheduled for Saturday in Baldwinville 2/14 has been moved to 2/28

    Merrimac 7 Miles scheduled for Sunday 2/15 is now moved to 3/22.

    Winter 2015 Newsletter Available

    All that is new in the world of North Medford Club can be read here!
    Think Snow!!!(or NOT!)

  • Winter 2015 Newsletter
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