Race Results Posted

Race Results have just been posted for all Summer Series Races out through 8/12 Country Road 5K.

Smokin' Hot Embers 5K

The Smokin' Hot Embers 5K is the latest addition to our Pub Series Races.
This event will be held Sunday August 31 at the NEW Embers Pizzeria on the Whalom Lakefront in Lunenburg, with a 5K WALK beginning at 12:15, and a 5K RUN starting at 1PM. For a new twist on handouts- rather than a shirt, we'll have Embers 5K Sunglasses to the first 100 registrants.
We'll post the Active.com and Coolrunning links shortly.
This Race will also be a booster for the Leominster High School Track Fund.
PDF App attached

  • Smokin' Hot Embers 5K  (.pdf)

    Active.com Link is www.active.com/lunenburg-ma/running/smokin-hot-embers-5k-2014

  • Summer Newsletter Now Available!

    Donna and her roving band of reporters have put together another feature packed Newsletter.

    Link Below_

  • Summer 2014 Newsletter
  • New Summer Series Trail Race- July 8th Hubbardston

    Hi Folks-

    A new Trail Race has been recently added to the Summer Grand Prix series of races. This race will be held July the 8th at Hubbardston State Forest and hosted by Jon Miganowicz.

    I have recently updated the Summer Schedule link that has all the details for directions, etc. I will add below-

    July 8, Tuesday, Hill Top 5K, Hubbardston State Forest, Mt. Jefferson Rd., Hubbardston. From rte. 2 take exit 22. In Hubbardston center turn right onto Williamsville Rd. then turn right onto Mt. Jefferson Rd. Continue up Jefferson Rd. until you see Malone Rd. on the right. The start is just past Malone Rd. Drivers must park on the right side of road. For information:

    Email From North Medford Club

    Hi Folks-

    We have had our issues with email being sent to everyone in the Database. Some emails have been bouncing back because of a typo in the address, and others appear to go through just fine.

    I'd like to ask for some help. First off- if you have not received any email from nmcnews@northmedfordclub.org you need to go check your spam filter and ensure that address is listed as good mail- or enabled.

    The last mailing to all- was sent out 5/29/14.

    If you still are not receiving mail- please drop me a line at webmaster@northmedfordclub.org and let me know if you have ever received mail from me before and stopped recently, or never have.

    Thank You

    2014 Summer Series Schedule

    Beginning this Tuesday folks- the 2014 Summer Series. The schedule has already been posted to Coolrunning- and it was mailed out last week to all-

  • NMC 2014 Summer Race Series  (.pdf)
  • ATTN: Everyone Taking the Marathon Bus

    We have a very important change in TIME to pass along. This is all courtesy of the new security procedures that the BAA has put into place for Marathon Monday.

    The Pickup Times in East Templeton and Orchard Hills will be moved up, and the time the bus can leave HOPKINTON after race start is changing. All Buses must arrive in Hopkinton no later than 7:15AM

    If you are getting on the BUS in East Templeton at Wilson Bus- the bus will be ready for boarding at 4:45AM, and must leave by 5AM.

    If you are boarding the BUS in Lancaster at Orchard Hills- the Bus will be ready for boarding by 5:30 and must leave by 5:45 AM.

    If you are a Spectator taking the bus to Boston- No Buses are permitted to leave Hopkinton until 11:45- which is roughly 30 minutes later than in the past.

    Early Spring Newsletter Is Now Available

    It is officially SPRING- all that is fit for news is news!
    Donna and staff have turned out more News for you all!!!

  • Early Spring 2014 Newsletter
  • Devens Spring Race Series

    Alright- enough of the Snow!!! Time for some Devens Race Action!!!
    For 9 Wednesday nights in April and May, The North Medford Club will host its annual Spring Devens 5K Series. It will also include a 1 Mile as well.
    The April Races will begin at 6:15, and the May races will begin at 6:30.
    Cost is $2.00 for Club Members, and $4.00 for non-members.
    Race signup(weekly) will be at Buena Vista Street #55 in the parking lot across from Rogers Field.
    Please- no dogs or pets allowed on the course.
    Come join us beginning April 2nd!!!
    See the attached Flyer

  • NMC 2014 Devens Race Series  (.pdf)
  • Attn: Boston Marathon Runners-

    If you are running Boston next month-
    PLEASE forward the following to Jim Fay-
    Name, BIB #, Age, and Residence.

    This is to count toward Team Standings for the Marathon.
    Jim Fay can be reached at gottarun449@live.com
    This needs to be done within the next week by April 1st.
    Thank You

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