Election of Officer Results

On Sunday January 5th an election was held to choose Club Officers for the 2014-2015 Term.

Results are as follows:

Volunteer Points Totals for 2013

We have tallied and published the Volunteer Points to date for 2013. As you are aware- this is the determining factor in how the Boston Marathon Waivers for 2014 will be given out. The Club has been given 7 for this year- and they will be awarded at the Bob Hersey Memorial 5 Mile Race

  • 2013 Volunteer Point Totals  (.pdf)

    The sheet can be difficult to read- as it is 2 full pages wide(events going across), and the 3 or 4 pages long by member name.
    I can help if you have questions- please send mail to webmaster@northmedfordclub.org

  • 2014 Winter Race Series Schedule is Posted

    The 2014 Winter Race Series is now posted below- happy running!

  • NMC 2014 Winter Race Series  (.pdf)
  • 2013 Fall/Winter Newsletter

    Just in time for the Holidays and all of the goings on for next year- Donna and Newsletter staff have completed the latest.
    UPDATED 12/10/13

    Enjoy the read!!!

  • Fall/Winter 2013 Newsletter
  • 2013 Mill Cities

    Congratulations to all who ran in the 30th Mill Cities Relay!!!
    Link below has a small amount of photos courtesy Marge Gladwin
    2013 Mill Cities Relay

    Jingle Bell Fun Run

    Get your Santa Claus and Elf(or Elfette) costumes ready- as the North Medford Club Jingle Bell Fun Run is coming.

    As we did last year- we will hold this at the On The Rocks Pub on the Lake Whalom Lakefront. Street address is 96 Lakefront St Lunenburg.

    Date and Time is December 22(Sunday) at 1PM. Kenny Ricker will provide a few snacks for after-run, so come on down and do the Fun Run and share the spirit with your fellow runners. There will be no clock, and therefore no times recorded.

    Final Results of the 2013 NMC Summer Racing Series

    2013 Summer
    NMC Grand Prix Final Standings

    Overall 9 of 17 races Total Points
    Jonathan Miganowicz 900 994.26
    Charlie Salmond 808.13 1441.98
    Rick Hersey 679.65 1105.21

    Heidi Handy 875.72 875.72
    Marge Gladwin 701.6 1061.21
    Candee Graves 659.21 722.99

    Age Groups

    Men: Women:

    -15 Justice Graves 606.85 Abby O’Sullivan 169.77
    16-29 Jon Miganowicz 994.26 Alyssa Lombardi 264.28
    30-39 Lee Meunier 430.75 Sarah Coffey 172.65
    40-49 Jeff Gould 379.14 Heidi Handy 875.72
    50-59 Tim Blouin 658.39 Marge Gladwin 1061.2
    60-69 Charlie Salmond 1441.98 N/A
    70-79 Peter Orni 900.32 MaryLou Crohan 97.78

    Trail Race Series


    Charlie Salmond 440.12
    Rick Hersey 299.38
    Jonathon Miganowicz 294.26


    Marge Gladwin 303.54
    Sau-Mei Leung 196.88
    Sarah Coffey 172.65

    Ironman Award:

    Charlie Salmond 17 of 17 races

    Boston Marathon Waivers


    We have an important update to post regarding Waivers for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

    Rock the Gazbar 5K

    What a great day for a Fall 5K! North Medford Club and the Gazbar Sports Grill put on a 5K Walk and Run October 13th to assist in bringing a new Track and Field Facility to Leominster High School.

    2013 Gardner Turkey Trot Application

    We have had the Gardner Turkey Trot listed on our other races for Thanksgiving Day 11/28. Attached below is the Application:

    Application here:

  • 2013 Gardner Turkey Trot  (.pdf)
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